If you live in Southern Sydney, Wollongong or on the South Coast of New South Wales, Josh specialises in portable recording and mixing solutions for you. With a simple, portable, multitrack ProTools rig and a reasonable selection of mics, you can have your talent recorded in the comfort of your own practice room, garage or lounge room!

Don’t live locally? That’s fine! You can be anywhere in the world and still access Josh's talent through his Online Audio Services. Online mixing and limited mastering options are available, meaning that you no longer have to pay for expensive recording and mixing studios to accomplish professional production results.

Other services on offer include:

Audio Engineer

Josh is able to apply himself to any general engineering duties, whether it be in a live production or studio environment. This includes FOH mix duties or monitors.

Session Editing & Cleanup

Sessions can get confusing and messy very quickly. It can be hard to maintain a creative flow through numbers of takes, edits and fades. Have your sessions cleaned and tightened so that you are left with a hassle and clutter free, easily navigated, tight-sounding session.

Sound Design & Music Production

Sometimes your music needs another ear. A music producer can provide focus and direction to take your ideas to a whole another level.