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How to Order
Your mix project

  • Simple. Contact me and ask for a quote on your project (give details).
  • I’ll send you a quote and an indication of when I am available.
  • If all good, I will ask for payment and send you a Dropbox File Request.
  • Upload your multitrack files.
  • I send you back a full mix of your ENTIRE song. (Not a short snippet/sample – this is a full mix!)
  • If you like what you hear, great, however I also include up to revisions if required.
  • If part of the proposal, I will master your songs and send you through the high resolution Master Files.

Albums from

$99 AUD/song.

album = minimum 8 songs

What is included in my

by Josh Whalan

A real, live, professionally trained audio engineer. NOT MIXED BY A COMPUTER OR ALGORITHM!
Josh owns and operates Audio Alpha Studios in Wollongong, NSW, Australia. He has over 15 years audio experience mixing in studio, live, and House of Worship environments.

Sample Replacement
Tight, punchy drums.

Make your drums come to life! I will enhance lacklustre drum sounds with tight and punchy samples. Phase aligned and blended back in with the acoustic tracks.

Pitch Correction
for peace of mind.

Smooth pitchy vocals to help them sit better in the track. Your mix will sound more professional and polished. Note: this is only performed on an “if required” basis.

Hybrid Digital / Analog Workflow
The best of both worlds

The clarity and accuracy of digital. The character of analog! Industry-standard plug-ins and up to 16 channels of analog summing and outboard gear available to add flavour to your track.

Two Reviews
*for your satisfaction

I want you to be 100% happy with your mix. I will provide you with an initial mix and if that doesn’t nail it for you, I provide up to two revisions and then I will take into account your feedback for the final mixdown.

In House Mastering
Hi Res Masters & DDP

A CD-quality Wav file sent directly to your inbox. If you are wanting to produce CD’s, I can provide you with the necessary DDP file to create the master CD.

Got questions? Check out my FAQ page or shoot me an email or instant message.