Mastering Services Coming Soon!

The mastering process is one of the most misunderstood and overlooked production steps in music. In reality, this process is actually a critical 'must-do' before you release your music into the world. So what is mastering?

Mastering is the final step between your finished mix and the audience's ears. The version of the song that leaves the mastering studio is the version that gets sent to the print house. It deals only with the master 2-track stereo mix, sending it through a chain of corrective EQ and dynamic processing. This corrects any tonal problems that may have occurred in the mix. The predominant job of mastering is to raise the volume of the mix so it can compete with every other song on the radio whilst maintaining all the dynamics, punch and 'life' of the track. Mastering also provides a second ear that can pick up problems that the mix engineer may have missed.

Josh offers limited mastering services. Do you record or mix yourself and are looking for a more professional sounding result to help your music stand out? Visit the Shop to get started.

What is 'Basic' Mastering specialises in mixing, and therefore can only provide limited mastering services. The basic mastering provided by involves basic brick-wall limiting, tonal adjustment and correction as well as critical listening. This service is not designed to be the same standard as a professional mastering studio, but provided to give your finished mixes that something extra. It is ideal for demos and bands on a budget.

We also prefer not to master our own work. A second opinion with fresh ears is critical to provide the best possible result, and this cannot be achieved through a mix and mastering engineer being the same person.

If you are after professional mastering solutions then I can recommend a great 3rd party professional mastering studio. Click here.