Who doesn’t love gear? My exact arsenal is always evolving, however. my current setup includes:


PLUS a large selection of industry standard plugins from:

  • Waves Audio
  • Avid
  • IK Multimedia
  • Massey
  • Softube
  • Plugin Alliance
  • AIR Music Technology
  • Sound Toys
  • Native Instruments
  • Izotope
  • Antares Audio (Autotune)
  • XLN Audio (Addictive Drums)
  • Steven Slate (Trigger)
  • Universal Audio UAD
  • Blue Cat Audio
  • Eventide
Recording Gear:
  • Rode NT1-A Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
  • Rode K2 Condenser Valve Microphone
  • Audix D6
  • Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone x 2
  • Shure Sm94-LC Instrument Condensor Microphone x 2
  • Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphone x 2
  • Assorted mic stands, cables and accessories
  • Hybrid Electronic Drum Kit: Pearl Shells, Jobeky Triggers, Roland Cymbal Pads and Roland TD11 Sound Module with Addictive Drums Software (via USB).

Josh Whalan

Audio Engineer / Kingdom Resourcer